Sarah Young

Sarah began her self-defence journey training in traditional martial arts until she was introduced to Krav Maga. Sarah immediately saw that whilst her training in traditional martial arts had been rewarding, it had not provided her with the skills to deal with a real life confrontation or attack.

She finds that the accessibility, development of skills in a short time, and training in avoiding and descalating situations are attributes that distinguish Krav Maga from other systems. As an avid traveller, Krav Maga has provided Sarah the confidence and ability to live an independent lifestyle and works hard to ensure that students benefit as much from Krav Maga as she has.

KMG Certifications and Training

  • ​General Instructor Course
  • Kids & Teens Instructor Course
  • Women’s Self-Defence Instructor Course

Other Certifications and Training

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Working with Children Check