Discover our range of Krav MagaPrograms

Discover our range of Krav MagaPrograms

Discover our range of Krav MagaPrograms

Programs to suit everyone

All Fitness Levels & Abilities

Our practical and tactical self-defence training system helps to build your knowledge of how to prevent, deal and overcome all kinds of violence and attacks. We offer a variety of courses which cover this in a unique and comprehensive way.

General Membership

General Classes

Regular Group Classes

Our general Krav Maga group classes are provided most nights of the week and are structured to ensure that students of all skill levels and fitness are catered for. Classes cover a number of topics, including but not limited to, striking and counterattacks, dealing with armed and unarmed attacks, dangerous chokes and grabs as well as problems on the ground. Classes are conducted most nights of the week. Check out our calendar for the latest schedule.


Personal Self-Defence

Krav Fighting skills

Krav Fighting Skills classes focus on improving not only your physical fitness, but mental, technical and tactical skills in a high-tempo class. Each session can focus on different fighting skills, from multiple opponents to weaponry, and everything in between.

Whether working on grappling and BJJ, MMA, boxing or kick boxing, all sessions are scaled to each individual’s skill and fitness levels and are ideal for those wishing to increase their training and expand their skillset.

Two Part Program

Women’s Self Defence

The paradox of self-defence is the more you’re prepared, the less likely you’ll to need it. When you can recognise and respond effectively to potentially dangerous situations, you’re more confident in your everyday activities and less likely to become a target of crime.

Our comprehensive Women’s Self-Defence program offers a level 1 Fundamental Course which focuses on the most common problems faced by women and a Level 2 Advanced course which looks at more complex and difficult problems faced by women.

The course is divided into two levels and are six weeks long in duration. All courses begin the first Saturday of the selected month. Participants may enrol and train in both the Level 1 and 2 courses.

Each Participant Receives
  • An official KMG training t-shirt
  • Women’s self-defence classes
  • General KM membership for the duration of the course
Level 1 – $300

6 weeksSaturdays11.30am-12.30pm

Course topics include:

  • Self-defence Tactics
  • Striking
  • Defending Strikes
  • Defending Chokes
  • Defending Grabs and Bearhugs
  • Scenario Training
Level 2 – $300

6 weeksSaturdays12.30am-1.30pm

Course topics include:

  • CQB Defence Tactics
  • Striking Advanced
  • Defending Strikes Advanced
  • Fighting on the Ground
  • Defending Attacks on the Ground
  • Scenario Training

Buy Levels 1 & 2 for only $500

– Save $100 –

Buy Levels 1 & 2 for only $500 – Save $100


IMPORTANT: Due to COVID19 our women’s self-defence courses are suspended until further notice.

CONDITIONS: Listed prices inclusive of GST.All payments are non-refundable either in part or full. For complete terms and conditions, refer to our ‘Pricing’ page.

Krav Maga for Kids & Teens

Kids (5-8 years)Juniors (9-12 years)Teens (13 years+)

KM Melbourne provides self-defence training for kids and teens (Krav Junior) covering concepts such as ‘stranger danger’, ‘anti-bullying’ and how to face difficulties in handling violence directed at children. Krav Junior aims to promote awareness, confidence and discipline in kids through a structured syllabus in a fun environment. All our instructors are certified Krav Junior Instructors and hold current working with children checks.

$40 Joining Fee (one-off payment) then $160 per term (four terms per year).

Additional family members will only incur a $150 cost per term.



  • Ages 5 – 8
  • 9 Week Course


  • Ages 9 – 12
  • 9 Week Course

Term 1 – Summer (February/March)

Term 2 – Autumn (May/June)

Term 3 – Winter (August/September)

Term 4 – Spring (November/December

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1-on-1 & Small Groups

Personal Training

For those who are unable to make our regular classes or want to improve their Krav Maga faster, personal training with one of our professional instructors are available.


Training Seminars

We boast a holistic, engaging series of seminars and camps with instruction from Local, National, and International experts.

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Boutique Corporate Classes

Let our qualified trainers build a custom session for your colleagues designed to build teamwork and forge bonds.

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Speciality 2 Day Camps

A two-day, transformational experience, our customised camps offer a deeper understanding of the efficiency of Krav Maga.

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